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About us


in the beautiful foothills of Beskydy mountains, just under the Lysa mountain, in 1991 was founded company SPORT CLUB and since its beginning has focused on producing of sports equipment and gym facilities, playgrounds and sport facilities.

At the beginning the production apllied only to portable tools, but as time goes on the assortment of supplied goods started to extend across other offers of permanently fixed equipment including its assembling.

Very friendly approach to customers and fair conduct of company has built a reputation in the region of Moravia as well as in Bohemia. Its principal customers include the leading schools of all types throughout the Czech and Slovak republics.Over the years company managed to establish contact foreign clients and nowadays company exports its products to Germany, Switzerland, Norway and other European countries. Among the best clients outside of Europe is ranked client from Kuwait.

Now the company SPORT CLUB, Ltd. offers complete supply of equipment for gyms, multi-use grounds, sport fields, special sport courts, sports enclosure, barriers, safety nets to the gyms as well as to outdoor playgrounds and sport fields. We also supply with sports flooring and outdoor surfaces. Accordingly we are able to equip interiors and exteriors for various kind of sports completely to your wishes.

Of course we have not forgotten the little ones – children and youth. For them we have prepared a range of different configurations such as swings, carousels, climbing frames, slides. All the equipment we also produce by ourselves, it is safe and we have certificates for all components. Children playgrounds are delivered to the place, including assembly. With the components we are able to deliver also safe and shock-absorbing surface under the climbing frame, which is also certified. More than 60 kinds of children playgrounds equipment are produced according to valid European standards. Other products that we supply are benches, litter bins and bicycle stands, then also other furniture for children playgrounds, urban parks and gardens. The company strives to meet clients´ requirments and for the future wants to expand its services.

We look forward to cooperating with you and we believe that when you contact us, you will bet on long-term experiences, quality and friendliness.

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